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My venture into wedding videography began in 2017 with my first shoot, capturing my family’s overseas journey together.. Being part of a large family, coordinating our schedules for a vacation has always been a challenge. Thus, I felt compelled to document the trip, creating a keepsake for this rare occasion. Filmed and edited through my iphone, it was nothing fancy but I thought it hits different as compared to photos.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of going back in time, like how a certain song transports you back to a certain moment in your life, and being able to relive that exact feeling is indescribable even when many years passed.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of filming over 170 couples and counting. One of the moments that truly touched my heart was when a couple reached out to me a few months after their wedding. They requested a higher resolution of a particular scene featuring the bride’s grandmother. Sadly, her beloved grandmother had passed away, and that scene captured her radiant smile, reflecting their close relationship. I vividly recall the joy on the grandmother’s face during the wedding day, a testament to their bond. It was a reminder that sometimes, the simplest moments hold the greatest significance—and these memories are truly priceless.

As I walk alongside you on this journey, documenting every moment of your special day—whether intimate or spontaneous—I hope you find that our values resonate. It would be an honor to be part of your celebration. Thank you for taking the time to read this far (:

Cheers, Pèi Yè


a glimpse of heartfelt testimonials from our lovely couples

J & E

Pei Ye was such a joy to work with! We’re so glad to have her as part of our big day. We started off with a Zoom meeting discussing how we envision our D-day to look like, and establishing what we could expect from each other throughout the engagement. The shooting process during our big day was also fun. My husband and I are not the most natural in front of the camera, but Pei Ye made us feel comfortable during the process. She asked fun questions that made us laugh and relaxed in between the scenes.

We’re also happy with the end result! Pei Ye knows how to capture important moments in a meaningful way. We chose Ordinary Us for the brand’s philosophy in capturing genuine moments and we could really see these in our videos. Thank you once again Pei Ye for all your amazing work! (:

WP & A

Choosing Pei Ye for our wedding was a decision we made with complete trust, and with no regrets Without even meeting beforehand, she was able to capture and reflect our personalities well in the video~

For camera-shy folks like us, Pei Ye also worked seamlessly with our photographer to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We were initially apprehensive about seeing ourselves on video but the end product was candid and enjoyable to watch✨ Pei Ye is truly a storyteller with a knack for capturing precious moments through her lens! Also, being able to receive the raw footage was such an added bonus – thank you Pei Ye for preserving our special day in the most authentic and beautiful way possible we would wholeheartedly recommend her services!


Pei Ye is an exceptional wedding videographer! From our initial Zoom meeting to the final movie, she showcased unmatched professionalism and talent. Her ability to capture genuine moments is incredible, and the video beautifully reflects the emotions, laughter, and love of our special day.

Pei Ye’s attention to detail is remarkable, capturing every important moment, including guest reactions at the banquet. The final movie feels authentic and personal, like reliving the day. Communication with Pei Ye was seamless, and her reasonably priced packages offer unmatched value.

In summary, Pei Ye is a talented and dedicated videographer. We give her a glowing five-star review and highly recommend her to every couple seeking a memorable wedding video. Thank you, Pei Ye, for making our day unforgettable!


Pei Ye is an incredibly competent and professional videographer who makes the utmost efforts to adhere to all of our requests for our wedding. My wife and I cannot thank her enough for shooting amazing video footage of every single person at our wedding and the special moments that we might have missed. I’d heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a videographer who can create an unforgettable montage of your special day (: